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graphic design salary per month I have learned throughout the execution/craft process to be mindful of what the finishing product is meant to look like not only while you are designing, but also while you are putting it together at the end. I stumbled upon an article written by Marco Kramer called “10 Pre Press Tips For Perfect Print Publishing,” after reading the chapter on production in Graphic Design School, and came upon many similarities in tips for how to produce your printed designs. When it comes to color, the difference in RGB and CMYK is all I had really paid attention to, thinking, “one is for print, one is for web how hard can it be?” However, from personal experience, I can say that color is much more complicated and harder to match to what exact shade/tone you were aiming for, than I thought. Though printers may sometimes be the problem, a lot of the color matching starts with the color mode you have set up in your document. In this article, I was made aware that you should always edit your Photoshop pictures in RGB rather than CMYK because RGB is created with light rather than darks, therefore your images appear brighter. To view how these images will look printed when converted into CMYK mode in Indesign, you can select viewèproof colors, and make sure “working CMYK” is selected, and the proof of print material will show in photoshop.

La troisième année est consacrée à l’obtention du HIGHER NATIONAL DIPLOMA in GRAPHIC DESIGN Edexcel international, spécialisation professionnelle en créativité et techniques d’expression numérique.