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graphic design business model Sitemap indexes are an effective way to organize the content from your site for search engines. The most common use of the sitemap index is for different media/content indexation, such as:PagesVideosNewsMost SEM pros know the basics behind using it for different media and content types. One lesser known techniques around the sitemap index revolve around creating sections of your static content pages as part of your sitemap index. Examples of this could include:product pagesreview pagescategory pagesSuccess can come from creating asitemap from even your static content in order to improve the crawl effeciency and the number of indexed pages on your site. I think I may have posted some articles submission sites in my ultimate toolguide a little bit ago, but just as the internet and my skills evolve, so does my toolbox. I went through and collected lists of article submit websites and have narrowed my list down the the easiest, fastest and most effective article submission sites I found. There are a ton of these type of stie around, but this list is good enough to get started. travel notes. com travelarticlelibrary travelinghippo ezinearticles geckoe. com isnare. com e articles.

” His travel website relating to the book was Microsoft Network’s “Site of the Week” and continues to rank as a “Top 5%” Lycos site.